Kowhai syndicate cultural day

Syndicate Kowhai celebrated the end of their unit study with a cultural day. Maia from Room 5 reflected after and had this to share:

"Today was the best cultural day ever! This was a day that culture was the thing that makes us unique. It was full of laughter, excitement, tradition, colour, and much more! We started this wonderful day with yes, preparation. We had to set up the mats, chairs, food and decorations. While we were preparing a great shock of excitement filled the room. We then started with cultural class presentations, then we started with the dances. First was the Ma'ulu'ulu which was a TONGAN sitting dance. Then was the Kapa Haka and the singing of the Tongan and Samoan songs. Then the Kiribati, Samoan and Bollywood. By the way, they were amazing!! Then the last but certainly not least the wonderful hip hop group.Yes the best cultural day ever!!"


click on the picture above to see a gallery of the days events or on the images below to see videos of the performances

Ma’ulu’ulu (Tongan sitting dance)  Kapa Haka Group  Samoan and Tongan songs 
Kiribati cultural dance  Samoan cultural dance   Bollywood boys 
Bangladeshi cultural dance   Hip Hop groups performance Bollywood girls dance