Student Engagement

Otahuhu Intermediate has a number of opportunities for students to get involved and develop their passions. Whether it is showcasing sporting aptitude, celebrating culture, or heightening leadership capabilities, there is bound to be a group students can join.



Honours Badge

Getting involved school life has many benefits such as improving your social skills and growing your intellectual and/or athletic abilities. It can also lead to the much sought after Honours Badge. To earn this, a student needs to accumulate 10 merit cards in four different areas:

  1. Three classroom
  2. Four school-wide
  3. Two service
  4. One leadership

Students who are able to demonstrate a recognition in all these avenues are given the title of Honours Badge student, as well as having the privilege of being included on the recognition wall in the hall. Further, they afforded the exciting experience of attending a Young Leaders Camp. To read more about our current Honours Badge students, click here.