Trees for Survival

So small it may seems to be but the purpose of it all is WORLDWIDE. Yes, it is PLANTING A TREE.

Otahuhu Intermediate School participates in the Trees for Survival Programme. It is a pleasure to be responsible for the leadership and management of this significant task which I have taken since 2010.

This programme enhances partnership between Auckland Council, Otahuhu Intermediate School, parents and whanau, service clubs as well as landowners. Great thanks and appreciation of the continuous support of the Otahuhu Rotary Club with transport to the planting sites.

By demonstrating the school values, knowingly Respect, Personal Responsibility and Passion, Otahuhu Intermediate School has been involved to learn more about trees by growing and planting them to restore land that is under threat and also to protect our environmental heritage.

There could be no other significant reasons for the Trees for Survival programme but to:

  • control soil erosion
  • safeguard water quality and improve stream flow
  • provide new habitats for native birds as well as other plants and animals
  • secure and beautify the landscape
  • mitigate emissions by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • renew a natural resource.

We will continue to be active participants in this vital programme as part of our contribution to the protection of our environmental heritage as a GREEN GOLD SCHOOL.

Have a look at what we are doing here.

And see what happens to the seedlings once they are ready to be planted here.


Malo ‘aupito

Sela Liu