Tala Page-To’oala

BOT Member


Tala Page-To’oala
Elected Member

My name is Tala Page-To’oala and I am the Youth & Families Worker for Greenlane Presbyterian Church.  I am of Samoan and European descent and married to the gorgeous Gavin.  We do not have any children…yet!

So why am I on Otahuhu Intermediate’s Board of Trustees you’re thinking?  I have been involved with the school since 2010 as a volunteer youth worker and helped coach hockey.  My decision to join the BOT in 2013 was because I recognised the need for someone who knew the students and their needs to be on the team.

The sense of family at Otahuhu Intermediate is so special here, the hope that we have for ALL students to excel is what motivates us to all work together for that common goal – board, staff, students, parents and our community.